New Patient Welcome Letter

We at Donna Medical Clinic wish to take a moment to welcome you to your new Medical Home. We want you to know that we appreciate the opportunity we are given, to take care of you and your family. Thank you for choosing us as your patient centered home and we look forward to serving you. As your new medical home we will strive to provide you with ease of access to care. You can expect high standard of care. Your health and wellbeing is our number one concern, Your health goals are our goals!

" We understand that no two patients are the same and that is why your care plan will be designed especially for you. In our medical home model of care, You are at the center of everything we do! "

Your medical team will provide you with coordinated & comprehensive care in a none directive environment. You will find that the most common services such as labs, x-rays, hydration therapy, EKG's, bone density, health maintenance visits, medication reconciliation, interpreter services, and many others are offered in house so you will not be asked to go elsewhere to receive these services. In addition, our sister clinics Donna Day & Night Clinic and Elsa Medical Clinic offer extended hours of service and weekend hours of services so you and your loved ones are always covered.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our services policies and procedures so you can maximize your experience. If you have any questions about any of the forms or any of the processes in place, please let any of our support staff member, they will be glad to assist you.

Thank You,
Your Medical Team